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Vision of Jehovah In The Temple

I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne high and lifted up and the train of his robe filled the temple. (Isaiah 1:1)

I saw… I saiah saw Jehovah sitting in his temple. Isaiah also tells us that it was Jehovah that appeared to him for he tells us in verse 5 “For mine eyes have seen the king the Lord of hosts”.

John refers to this appearance of the Lord in his gospel where he talks of the Incarnate God.

“That the saying of Esaias the prophet might be fulfilled, which he
spake Lord, who hath believed our report? and to whom hath the arm of
the Lord been revealed… Therefore they could not believe, because that
Esais, said again He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart:
that they would not see with their eyes, nor understand with their
heart and be converted” (v38-40).

Isaiah saw Jesus and declared him to be God.

applicable is this today, many still do not see Jesus as our Jehovah,
God in his temple. God in us. The God is us is the Christ in us. He Is
in this temple, our body, the temple of the Holy Ghost.

Jesus is God.

Attached to temporal things

Dont get attached to the temporal rather use it as a tool to get the big thing done. Oh yes whats the big thing? … Its the One thing you do that lives forever and talks when you’re gone.

Men Need God!

For you know that afterward when he wanted to inherit the
blessing, he was rejected, for he found no place for repentance though
he sought it diligently with tears
. (Hebrews 12:17).

What a man fails to deal with can eventually destroy from the inside
out. Men have to deal with the cross issue, Christianity without your
cross is a fantasy or should I say a religion. Men who don’t face their
oppressor and wage a holy war on the spirits that are assigned to them,
end up out of the race and that leads to one thing rebellion and

Forgive me for sounding harsh here, but the souls of my brothers mean
everything to me, I have seen some friends of mine wander from God
because they screwed up and today havent made it back into the race,
which means we no longer talks laught and have Godly fun over the things
we once shared, I feel robbed of, robbed of good friends and not only
that, but the church yes we have been robbed of brethren, men who we
need to know and befriend men who have what it takes to change our
generation, yes I’m fighting for them too, you too are my brother.

Sometimes men quit because they stand facing up to folks who they
know they have failed in reality though folks are praying for their
comeback and have love in their souls for them, it’s just that your mind
dont think like this when youre going through junk that makes you feel
less than human.

But there are consequences for staying down and consequences for
getting out of the ministry, when a man allows fear or shame to have
dominion over him he opens the door for spirits of anger, rage and even
blasphemy, he finds himself thinking thoughts he would not normally
think why, his spirit is decaying and his mind becomes taken over by
seducing spirits

I went to a revival in Texas to my dear friends church pastor Haney
some years ago, he told me of a story of a pastor who had visited his
revival and the man just sat there at the back uninvolved and untouched
by what went on that night. At the end of the meeting he asked him why
he wasnt getting involved, he replied “I no longer feel God.”

There is an invisible line which a man can walk over and never come
back, the only thing is you never know where that line is until one day
you step over it and realise you can’t get back over to that place and
by that time a man usually has a reprobate mind and unable to repent.
But friend there’s an answer if you grab it with all your soul and grab
it right now. It’s found in this scripture, Esau could find no place of
repentance which means there is a place of repentance which you must
find and can find. That place exists today but may not be thee tomorrow
because tomorrow if you allow what is hurtful and avengefull and ungodly
to live in you, this door of repentance may be shut. My friend, if you
can find a place to repent then the Holy Ghost must be dealing with you,
If he’s dealing with you then he hasn’t left you. If he hasn’t left you
then haven’t crossed that line and today you can find that peace which
the devil has tried to rob you of.

It’s not to late if you can still hear his voice, tell the devil, 
I’m dealing with my stuff right now and I’m taking that devil out, yes
out, no more compromise I’m winning my war, this is my revolution and
I’m getting up for my come back.

This is Paul B Thomas fighting a revolution for generals out there in
cyberspace that God wants back, to shake and awake this generation… Yes
that’s you I’m talking about!

Finding God's Next Move for you!

1. Move out of what youre doing and step into what you dont understand
2. Step into the eternal, everything else you have done will turn to dust
3. Forgive others for bad mouthing you. They didnt understand you so why spend your life blaming them. Face up to it, you did’nt understand yourself either
4. If you failed, brush the dust off your shoes. You done something that your critic did’nt do and that was stepped out of your pit.
5. Bless your enemy, you’re bigger than him
6. God dont love the perfect he loves those with a heart after his own
7. Do what you originally set out to do…. because you can
8. God’s next move will always involve a heart change before a career change.