Living as If it were the Ending

Dont let the bad of yesterday stop you from doing your best today. Your yesterday is no indicator of your success tomorrow, just a path you choose to follow. Trip ups, set backs and fall downs only come to those who walk the uncommon road.  Heroes are not made on the familiar road but the road not travelled. Heroes are not found in the comfort zone but in the battle zone.

What matters most is that you be true to your dream. getting back on track when you wander and reinvent yourself when you hit the wall.  Embrace all resistance and smile at every storm. One day you’ll stand before God and your time will be over. How then will you assess your life? Will you say “I done it!” with a smile on your face, or will you say, “what was all that about, I missed it!” The only thing you can do is start now to live as if it was already all over, then work backwards to the beginning. Live as if you’ve already died, Only then you can you truly live again!


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