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Defining What You Do

Defining what you helps you to know who you really are.  Who you are and what you do go hand in hand and a
man has to know what he is good at in order to know who he really is. To other things go together also when
it comes to defining what we do, self esteem and success. These come from your
achievements and pursuit of incredible things. The greater the degree of challenge
the higher the self esteem and success that can be yours!

Not so many years ago a man expected to
do one job for a lifetime today however he may do several jobs or take on
several careers and indeed the man who does so is considered a mover and
progressive. This requires a great deal of adaptability and on-going commitment
to re-educate yourself every two to three years to up with the necessary skills
required to make you the best in your field.

What you do shape’s your future and your beliefs about what is possible and important to you. Sounds too obvious, until we get too many ideas turned into too many projects. It’s important to define what unlocks passion then you can define your mission and go for it. It all begins with the one thing that solves the “wandering,” Once discovered settle down to learing then not so obvious,then go make it your big adventure.

Renavigating Your Edge?

Find your own thing by all means get inspiration from others but You have something within you that’s unique. Just find it bit by bit! So go for the original, always!

Be adventurous and try. The more daring it is the bigger your confidence
will get. Try new things and only begin new things if it challenges you
to do better than yesterday 

Master your profession. Make a lifestyle out of solving problems others run from.

Where is He That is Born King?

Where is he that is born King.  (Matthew 2:2).

What man is there that has ever been born king?

Human royalty had its beginnings in war and confrontation, this king however was king at his birth, the moment he became flesh and dwelt among us!

Where does royalty come from? Can one really have royal blood? Human royalty began with one who was celebrated as a ruler, as a result of fighting a battle and being crowned as king by his followers. Royalty, a term that later arose out of a lineage of warriors who fought and won battles for the country of the Anglos, what we today call England.

Cerdic in 470 an Anglo strongman who conquered and controlled Wessex, became king of Wessex. Egbert (829) became the first King of England, while William the conqueror is considered founder of the royal dynasty. Thirty one generations later Elizabeth 2nd today is monarch of such a tradition. Possessors of this mystical royalty came to bear their own image, rights and rule. They were as described by Clifford Longley who write the book “Chosen people”s as “larger than life, more honest more intelligent, more beautiful and privileged. They were above criticism!”

The actual custom of the crowning of the king or queen goes back to the first Roman emperor after Constantine. How much of a distraction Rome has been since! An alternative royalty with an alternative kingdom, an alternative rule and and alternative salvation. God had chosen, established and ordained his own kingship on earth to oversee man’s well being.  Kingship is God’s Idea God set kings according to his divine plan and purpose.

Kingship Begins With God, His Blood and His Throne. Kingship began with God, then he choose man. Israel’s first King was David. History however left God’s plan and ways for royalty. Since Constantine the roman church with its alternative religious beliefs that are contrary to
that of the apostles sought to be that Lord and king and work with the monarchy whether Catholic or Protestant. Man quickly forgot the God that became flesh and dwelt among us. He himself and he alone was the only one, born king.

But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: those “Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God

While many may celebrate a man made royalty, we as believers focus on royalty that is self existent and eternal, dwelling in the heavens. Our God and Saviour Christ Jesus.  He gives man, all men rich and poor men, lowly and humble men, status which no other can confer upon us and what a privilege it is to be his. The word became flesh..” (John 1:12-14) God become king and dwelt among us. this king is among us.  He it is that declares, “He has made us kings and priests” (Revelation 1:6) .

We unlike all human royalty are born kings and priest’s, conquerors at birth. Those born of God overcome the world. We are born overcomers. The new birth is a crowning event, a coronation, where we as a nation of crowned people, become part of a royal dynasty.  He passes on to us,
royalty that is forever. It’s dimensional, of the spirit, its eternal, live forever. it’s divine, born of God. its incorruptable, exists without mans approval or sustenance.

When the world celebrates that which is man made the Church of God celebrates that which is
eternal. We enter a royal house through the new birth, a new reign by the new man, called salvation. He has made us kings and priests unto God.

The world awaits a response to the its most rehearsed question at this time of year. Where is he that is born king?


The Courage to Embark on Pilgrimage

There’s something in a man when he receives God’s call that compels him to go, he possesses the spirit of pilgrimage. Its when the pursuit of God compells him to embrace destiny. Like the great patriarch Abraham who left man and country to find a city where God dwelt so too pilgrims today seek to find God and meaning to life by simply letting go of things they control and embracing a future that holds no promises, except God!.

Pilgrimage was at the heart of God’s people from the days of the Israelites where they set out from the bondage of Egypt to find the promised land, to the days of the apostles where they followed the Lord’s command of going into the world and preaching the gospel.

Pilgrimage always makes a man bigger than what he is and draws him into the fulness of his eternal purpose both in this world and the next.

Ray simpson in his book “A pilgrims way” describes the two types of
pilgrimage One where pilgrimage was seen either as a journey into the
unknown such as the Celtic missionaries who travelled Europe and
tansformed it  and later those who simple went on a one day pilgrimage
to visit a holy site such as Jerusalem or Rome.

He goes on to say,
“Celtic Christians added a third dimension to pilgrimage, sometimes it
was about meeting God in a untrodden palce in the elements or on the
edge”. I like that, “on the edge.” the edge of newness, the edge of adventure and an encounter with God, destiny too. 

Acts 238 Salvation

By Paul Thomas

Every man needs an encounter with the divine. Without such an event he is powerless to pursue what alone can be his. Without the adventure of pilgrimage man cannot know God let alone know who he himself is.


Pilgrimage, is good for the
soul. It causes us to be dependant on others and see a world where we
can enjoy the hospitality and goodness of others. It teaches us
humility and service in the process also and we become better people because of it.

Blessed is the man whose strength is in you whose heart is set on pilgrimage (Psalm 84:5).

helps is to discover the vulnerability of others, their
customs and strengths. It places us outside the boundaries of the
familiar where we are in control. Pilgrimage makes us
dependant on God. It helps
us see the bigger world as he sees it. Many a man has returned from a
trip overseas only to return to pursue a higher purpose, one he would
not have discovered had he not embarked on pilgrimage.

Pilgrimage helps is to discover the vulnerability of others, their
customs and strengths too.

my missionary trips to America I had the wonderful opportunity to stay
with folks who displayed kindness and Christian hospitality towards me.
Their world enlarged me and their kindness as well as customs forever
influenced my life from that time forward. Something I would never be
able to run from!

is God’s way of growth, growth for his church and growth for a man. It
was in my
venture to preach the gospel that I was introduced to a deeper truth
from God’s word, one I had not had revelation of back home. The
salvation as the apostles gave it and truth that God was One and not a

The revelation changed my life, truth normally does! Pilgrimage, is God’s
way upward, “They go from strength to strength” (v7)

I went to America to
preach the gospel only to find that when I get there Amercia preached to me. 


How Leaders Seize the Day

Work is not the challenge to  a
winner, keeping a positive mindset is! but its a habit that you can
master. In work, dont impress, engage! Dont boss, lead. Dont brag,
build! Dont contol, bring freedom. Bring life to those around you, add
value and contribute. When making decisions, be prepared to take bigger
risks and invest in bigger things. that way you will expand your actions
as well as your belief system

When the next day arrives wear
different clothes. Walk with a new smile and talk with a new praise. The
best leaders are praisers! that’s how leaders seize the day! One praise
at a time.

You have to wake up winning then you have to walk to work as if youre day has already been won by you!

Its important to
be HIGHLY positive. For the benefit of your own success and the success
of those around you. Get up every morning and thank God for a new day.
If its not “new” to you then that is a problem that will master your
edge in the creative field. If praise is lacking, you will most likely
be unable to give appreciation to those you work with let alone to the
one who births newness on a daily basis.

Seize your Time make memorable moments

Seize Your Thoughts, Take no counsel with your fears

Seize Your Mountain. Take Big steps in little places

Does God Create Evil?




Amanda on Facebook asked this question Explain (Isaiah 45:7). I form the light and create darkness I make peace and create  evil.

Heres my reply.

Good Q Amanda and thought provoking. I like what David Lawlor said.. I looked this up in Barnes commentary he suggests that light refers to knowledge and darkness refers to calamity or ignorance. 

Further, he states that calamity, ignorance and the want for success is ordered (formed) by him…In context however Jehovah is proving that he alone is God!…(v5) this is the compelling reason for the text and not necessarily that he makes good and evil.

Looking at the parallelism here would suggest a link between darkens and evil as one begin symbolic of the other.  Evil therefore understood not to be the opposite of good but rather the absence of peace and joy. God in talking about God is informing mankind that all false God’s that the Persian’s ascribed powers to are under his authority. He alone has all power over all things in both heaven and earth.

God is a God of salvation. He is the solution for evil not the  creator of it, but since it exists it too comes under his power.


Ps what do you think?

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Cheap is bad for Your Self Esteem

You can live without cheap stuff.  We may also get richer in the process too. Cheap don’t mean we have more money left to spend on things we like, it just means we get something that costs less right now. The problem wirh “cheap” is that we end up getting more of it because what we get for cheap does not last.

The secret, buy what you will value long term and will love six months, twelve months from now. You’ll feel better for wearing quality clothes, more often look better in the crowd, and each time you step outside the door you won’t feel like a drag.

Rember the days when yo were told “keep your clothes for sunday best?” Well you dont have to do that
any longer. You can look good everyday. In fact its essential you do to
boost your confidence enhance your self esteem and better you life.

 I’m convinced looking good is the first step
to thinking good, about you and then about the world around you.

Buy British! Buy local that way you can help the economy too, by
helping folks who have great skills keep producing great British goods.
In the long term even everyday folks who buy only British are very much
investing in job security for their children and grand children too!

1. Joseph Cheaney and Sons: Quality Sho

2. Cooper and Stollbrand:
3. Mackenzie and George: Belts
4. Bags
5. Privatewhitevc: Iconic British Menswear: (Manchester).
6. Peregrine: Knitwear and Jackets (Aberdeenshire).
7. Hiut: (Cardigan, Wales) Read the story here in the Independant

If you know of other things made by small biz in UK leave a link


Remember the
days you were
“Keep those
clothes for
sunday best!”