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Are you An Apostolic Recycling information Junkie?

More and more people spend their day in the occupation of information, most of it is recycled and secondhand.

I visit apostolic groups on facebook each goup ask’s the same questions as other groups, debate the same issues and talk about the same well worn out-dated arguments. I think we’ve made the web an intellectual thrift estore, every apostolic I know has a franchise in the same brand. You open the door and you fall over a ton of recycled subjects, pre worn, well worn and worn out subjects. Don’t be offended I actually enjoy rummaging through well worn seconds.

However, (with a capital H). The end is coming, don’t believe me, then why are folks quiting and not bothering to come back to your page?. Maybe its time to reinvent the word “important!” Get out of the cycle of recycling and enter the business of building, Reset your goals not to provide information but, to save peoples souls. Create projects of significance that help solve a local problem, or build a group that solves a problem of the few rather than building a website to solve a problem for everyone called apostlic. Maybe your unique project will then grab attention. Other than that stay an intellectual apostolic junkie. I may still visit your site!.


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So called prophet….. Its time to quit beating around the bush talking the same thing over and over and over again havent we got something different to talk about other than how long your hair has to be, the antichrist and how bad the word is. If thats all your ministry is about, youre inthe wrong job, join the local news channel, you be good at it!.

Rehearing Issues that dont matter
Negative, junk stuff using God’s name to give it approval!

How do you measure your Life?

The Book “How will you measure your Life” by Clayton M Christensen Got me thinking, That’s what Good books do. Here are some of my own thoughts on this great thought burner.

You can’t measure a life with your occupation. There are countless numbers of people who work yet what they do has no relevance or importance on the person they really want to be. Some things have to come together a knitting of purpose and everyday work only then can we begin to measure our life

You can measure life by the places you’ve gone, the mountains you’ve climbed or the thrills you’ve experienced during the journey.

Maybe you will measure life by the comfort you hope to have in retirement, the luxury you hope to live in and the finances you hope to have in order to live comfortable in your later years. To some then the measurement of life is only possible after one’s working days

You can measure your life by the achievement of a dream. Others measure their life by their destiny. I believe destiny is bigger than dream. A man’s dream has a finish point, whereas a man’s destiny has no finish line. If a dream stops, then that’s your dream. Destiny is bigger and it goes on forever because it involves other people, Its what you can make happened for them. Only then can you measure your dream. In this sense destiny cannot be measured for it goes on into eternity. Who knows? You wont! But your purpose gene rationally may be an indicator of what should be measured and what can never be measured

Again your destiny has a non stop finish point and cannot be measured. If purpose is eternal then you will never know the eternality of a thing. We measure success by things, stuff and ownership but purpose is unmeasurable. That’s what great men do they invest their purpose into generations that becomes so big that they can never really see whats behind them, the reward that’s ready for them or the mountains in between that demands everything they got.

How do you measure your Life?

……Maybe its in the trail you leave behind!

This is an excerpt from a book i’ve got coming out entitled “Getting  To Go!”


Connecting in Real Places

Years ago, societies, groups and associations played a major part in British life, We love being a part of something be it a cause or a club, Why its in our “nature” to want to be part of something, whether its a cause to fight for, an association that gives us status, promotion or even education. Being part of something is life, everyday life. Everyman needs some sort of community and I think a revival to these sort of offline clubs and communities will be forth coming. The Internet has become the place for communication, rather than just being the channel that inform’s us of those who have a desire to connect. Allow me to elaborate.

God made a physical world for man, not the web. God gave man physically five senses to communicate and a nature and personality to express himself to others, When man builds a relationship with others where he cannot physically talk, see with his eyes in the flesh, hear others
talking with his ears, or be near them to touch, he cannot fully express his personality or nature or effectively communicate his passion, the result frustration and indeed emptiness,

The web is there to connect me to you its not however the best tool for me to build a relationship with you, be that social, professional or personal. Maybe this explains why so many are unhappy and unfulfilled in life for we have expected the web to provide for us something that’s
humanly impossible. That is satisfaction and fulfilment in life from having quality relationships with others. It has for many become a replacement social life that can only leave them empty.

Releasing the webs limitation, helps us to define expectations. Nothing replaces human connection. Maybe if loneliness or emptiness is a reality to you then seek to build bridges face to face with people, real life connections. That’s where you were designed to be fulfilled, among people!. So rather than discuss on your Facebook page, meet face to face
for coffee. Rather than connect with a group build a group meet up in a local pub. Rather than talk via Skye chat at Starbucks. After all fulfilment in life is gained from being with people face to face where you can soulically, physically and emotionally connect through the five
senses. Apart from that we’re just online!



How To Get From Thinking it To Living It!

Prepare yourself to be wealthy.
Mentally and fundamentally. By that I mean get rid of old worn out religious ideas that wealth is bad and illegal for you. Maybe you’ve grown up in church (literally) borrowing someone else’s mindset on how money would send you away from God.  Maybe you’ve grown up in a poor side of town where folks did not practice success but rather had a chip on their shoulder towards those that had it.

Weath is a belief, its a Doctrine You either ascribe to it or you dont!

Your have to be rich before you
have money. This is what I mean. Prepare yourself “fundamentally” get
the fundamentals right first. Make it your doctrine that wealth is
necessary and healthy. Believe in it, study how to get it and abide by
sound money principles to get it. That’s the mental part. If someone
gave you a million bucks tomorrow would you know how to use it to profit
or would you be like the lottery winners who get it one minute and
loose it the next? If you want a million you have to build a mind that
work with wealth before the pocket holds your wealth … Paul

Thriving among Critics (2)

How to thrive among critics:…

An enemy hath done this (Matthew 13:28).

How do you react when you are challenged maybe on a forum or when challenged about your faith?. Maybe you take things far too personally. Our reaction tells us more about ourselves than the one causing us grief!  An enemy can help us be a better friend. How we react to something adverse reveals our character or lack of it. You need your enemy to  judge your growth. So Instead of asking whats the matter with me? declare, “I’ve just found out something about myself I did not like!”. Now I admit that’s a challenge. but its one only a fool would avoid!

Christlikeness not popularity is our goal. Stay bigger than your Giants.

Thriving among Critics

People who are offensive, critical and haughty are valuable, in fact they make me a better person for they teach me something I would not know about me unless I has the pleasure of their company. That’s why I welcome the input of a fool and the criticism of a jerk! .. Stay valuable!