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Why Men Hide in God's Garden

Adam where are You… God is asking the same question to men today. Men of the second Adam the new created man.

Where are you in the ministry?
Where are you God’s holiness?
Where are you in your walk with God?
Where are you in relation to the fire
Where are you in relation to revival in your state, your city your life, You!

Are we going to say like Adam, “I was afraid because I was naked so I hid!

The question is why do men hide?

Their gift, their best preaching, their compassion for the brethren, their courage for country, their conviction of doctrine why do men hide? It’s because they are naked. Naked means I see me and not you. I see what I got and not what you need. I see my inability and not your desperation. Its time to crawl out of hiding behind ministry, pulpit professionalism, tv dates and schedules, church business and self importance, facebook updates and twitter and get down to what matters.

You know what, your self importance don’t matter….. You Do!
My “likes” and my emails dont matter… You Do
My jogging and your Golf dont matter… You Do!
Your gripes about the church dont matter… You Do!
Your Poor excuse for not obeying God don’t matter…. You Do!

Quit hiding behind the bush.

You say brother Paul how do you know if a man is hiding from God, Oh the answer is simple. When the man is burning, no bush can hide him! If he’s with God you’ll see fire!


What Champions Dont Do!..

And there went out a champion out of the camp of the philistines (1 Samuel 17:4)

What Champions Dont Do!

1. Fight when they should be celebrating

2. Scream at your enemy and give him attention. So many make a ministry out of what the enemy is doing! (v16).

3. Misunderestimate the power of your opponent’s weapon (v45).

4. Take on something smaller than you. If you’re going to fight, fight a task bigger than you and a challenge bigger than your pocket (v46,47)

5. Pay attention to “sticks and stones” that their critics sling at them (v43,49). Whats the old rhyme, “sticks and stone’s may break my bones but names willnever hurt me!”

6. Loose their head (v51).


Building a No Limit Dream

Let him take it to the limit.
Break the boundaries of the impossible.
Provoke you to risk the unknown.
Step into that which you’ve once feared.
Broaden your horizons by studying that which you once rejected. Become proficient by being an expert where others are ignorant.
Add value to people, make your act of giving to those in need, your greatest sermon, your could ever preach.
While going for your dream let God enlarge You.
Your perception of God determines the bigness of your dream.
The value of others determines its limits.
A no limit dream is possible when you know the no limit Jesus.
As you exalt him, he becomes the “Big” in your dream.

Make the Big Step.. Master the Moment…

The priests will carry the Ark of the LORD, the Lord of all the earth. As soon as their feet touch the water, the flow of water will be cut off upstream, and the river will stand up like a wall.” (Joshua 3:13 NLT)

Your step of faith will bring an open road for you and a No go road for your enemy.Your preparation is for this hour, God will honour your step into new waters and unchartered territory. Your obedience won’t go unrecognised, The Lord thy God is with you wherever you go and shall bring you awesome success (John 1:9).

God called this passing through as a doorway into the “rest!” That’s how God gives us rest, through open doors that demand new steps of rehearsed faith. Even the taking of the step is  a process of rest. A Rest from the hindrance of a thinking mind and reluctant spirit.

To conquer Jordan drown some stuff, drown your fears, drown your disappointments, drown your  unbelief, step into that which you fear and master you destiny If you are reluctant, then do this. Make the step you are about to take…. bigger!

Step into the stuff.

Its yours!


Champions by Design, Winners by Nature

You were born a winner, you were born again a conqueror. The first time you were born you had certain things in your blood. The second time you were born again you had everything to win in your spirit. We have no excuse for loosing when we have it all in our dna for winning. Everything you touch shall become a success. The race you partake in you shall win.

You are God’s Olympian!


What Christians Do Best

Give, give and give! Its works better than preaching and gains more respect that putting together a well thought out sermon. Of course this philosophy could change forever who the real mega preachers are especially if it comes down to who gives to you and who doesn’t!

Think about it were elevating the wrong folks. The one’s that are in the public arena, the ones that have preaching engagements, great titles of office and robes that shows prosperity. To me the real preachers are those who say nothing, give much, refuse the tiles and are too rich to keep anything to themselves. Now with that in mind, sow seed to those in the light not those in the public spotlight! That way your motive is checked too!