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The World is Not Your Stage.. Your Gift Is!

The worlds a stage or is it? Let me be frank with you. Your song is unique, your preaching is uncommon, the blog you write is different, It’s supposed to be! the moment you do something to suit the crowd, to get their “likes,” to win lots of friends and to get the approval of others you become a puppet and the story ceases to be yours. Talent is not what others find it’s what you reveal to the world. The crowd don’t rate your work, your gift does! Perfection is for folks who don’t have a life and want everyone’s applause in order to get acceptance. Approval is for folks addicted to response. The only response you need is the one you make to your own gift. So why not do something simply  because you want to. Then if you have to get a standing ovation, stand up your self and clap your own hands. That way your gift is always celebrated and you are always  talked about even if you are the only one talking about you!

The world is not your stage you gift is.



We talk of being radical yet we don’t preach whats in Acts
We talk of  having truth yet we deny the apostles doctrine
We speak of love yet have no love for truth
We speak of revival but don’t want Pentecost
We ask God to be a voice yet refuse to speak in other tongues
We speak of being Christ servants yet have fulltime well paid jobs serving man
We talk of being on a mission yet have never gone across the ocean to another nation
We talk of being “all on the altar for God” yet are too busy to spend one hour a day in prayer
We talk of being holy yet we believe in three co-equal god’s
We say we believe in one God yet have never told anyone “Jesus is God!”

Contradictions comes from playing religious games, actions comes from a heart of Integrity!

How many God's are There …. and can God Count?

Isn’t it strange how ONE means one in every dimension of our world except God. We drive one car, have one wife, live in one home and have one iphone. But when it comes to God, one is no longer defined as one singular but as one many. Only when it comes to God do we break and misuse the mathematical rule. Strange! When it comes to man, there’s one president in the Whitehouse, one queen in the Palace house, one preacher in God’s house and one wife in your house. Only when it comes to God does “one” become “three”….I looked it and discovered that the bible talks of the “Holy one” never the “holy three!” I couldn’t find one scripture where it says God is three persons, so I wondered what God himself said.  He alone is all knowing, right!  “I AM the Lord and there is no God beside me, a just God and a Saviour, There is none beside me” ( Isaiah 45:21)….. I am  God and there is none else (v22). .  Maybe some folks know more than the all knowing ONE….

Just causing trouble this morning!….and yes of course, I do believe in Father, Son and Holy Ghost.. My book “Jesus or the Trinity?” is worth a read….

Big Doors..How to step into God's Big Thing!

For a great and effective door has opened unto me and there are many adversaries (1 Corinthians 16:9).

Recognising God’s “Big Door!”
1. Life is a series of open doors, many of them.
2. With every door of opportunity there is an enemy behind it you’ll have to face, head on!
3. Adversity is not a sign of God’s disapproval Adversity is a sign that you have stepped into an arena that demands you fight a new giant, learn a new skill, build a new mindset, find a new weapon and use a previously unused strength.
4. New opportunities demand you have knowledge of new skills, people skills, marketing skills, conversational and presentational skills.  Look for bigger doors. The bigger the door the greater the secret, you’ll have to discover. Don’t be afraid of what others know, be afraid of what you refuse to understand.
5. Theres a door of opportunity for you, business doors, ministry doors, doors to new friends, doors to truth. Certain folks hold keys to certain doors. Find those who have keys to new world’s. They will show you what you’ve never saw and explain what you have always failed to understand.
6. Have you ever wondered why others have bigger things than you, businesses ministries, opportunities, pay-checks, their secret is this, they knocked on the bigger door!  They educated themselves to find the door that others cannot see. Education is the key to the big door!
7. God’s big thing demands you give more of yourself to others. You can’t live the selfish life and open the Big Door!
8 Crisis is proof that you have outgrown your present level of existence and that you’re ready to enter something new.
9. Don’t fight what should be forgotten. Sometimes its better to run than fight.  Only fight  for things that can be part of your future. If it’s behind you leave it alone.
10. Enter a door as a student then you can master the subject as an educator of great men.
11. If you can take on the challenge then what’s behind the door can become your prize.
12. Destiny is that which lies behind the door.

Declare today: “God has a Door and a place of opportunity for me Today!”

From “Big Things” by Paul B Thomas”

What to do with a "God" idea.

That the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus ( Philemon 6).

How do you take an idea, a God given idea and make it a virtual reality? Let’s face it you may have one, ten, twenty, hundred different ideas a day. Acknowledging that they are a product of your spirit, and come from God is essential, he is the source of all things great and all thing new and all things yet to be seen. But then comes the hard part, musing with an idea untill it takes on flesh!

4 Things to Make your God Idea a Virtual Reality
1. Build Intentionally.. start with a thought and add a new dimension to it, a blog, a website, a department, a service. Make each of these a foundation and build upon them. Build until your idea comes alive or you wear it out.
2. Build Purposefully: Your purpose is to exhaust an idea. Stick with a thing until you take it to another level others have failed to reach. Good ideas become life-long projects that just keep on being built. God ideas never die! Like their source they are eternally alive in the spirit realm waiting for you to add “dimensions” to it
3. Build with people in mind: You have to build with your “marketing environment” in mind. Environments change and you have to adapt constantly or die. Environment is important. Certain plants thrive in tropical climates, others die in tropical climates. Your environment determines life or death. Environment is not where people are. You can be on Facebook and die. Your ideal environment is where folks who talk like you, want what you have to offer. That’s  your environment.
4. Build Consistently: Have a plan. If you can’t be bothered to plan the chances are you wont be bothered to make it work. The secret of a good student, can he go to class? The secret of a good preacher, does he go to church? The secret of a good business idea, can it start with a plan.  Just like all preachers are students, so too all business people are planners. If you can’t plan you wont have what it take takes to build it.

Dont discard your idea…acknowledge it as coming from God. It could change your world!…. mine too.

UR God’s idea machine

Feel free to tell me about your idea or tweet this … now that’s a good idea! Thanks?

Where Do Ideas Come From?

1. Key words, power words, you find in motivational articles
2. Tragedy, things that trouble you, problem people (Everyone should have one “problem person” in their life).
3. Leaders, Success stories of those who have made it big in your field of business
4. Though leaders, bloggers
5. Magazines. every man should read  one magazine a week for inspiration and ideas
6. Local business clubs, startup advisors, small biz help online
7. Education. self education or taking a class on a subject you are passionate about
8. You idea list. Get yourself a Big List, where you list 10 Big things you hope to achieve before you’re 60 and 20 things you hope to achieve after! (I believe in the principle “Older is More!”..(see tomorrow’s blog)
9. Your dream team. Get together online of in Starbucks with three idea people, folks madder than you about what you do!
10. Favorites… 20 top websites you visit regularly
11. Google….
12. Great ideas come from God. God is Spirit! Make him your senior partner in life, ministry and biz. He’s all knowing and the creator of all things unknown, soon to be known and discovered only by You!
Where do your ideas come from? Please add below, thankyou!