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You Can't be Serious…not Today!

Celebrate being YOU…..Take the day out today to celebrate being you. You are not your job, you are not your problem. You are not your occupation, you are not a preacher, you are not a blogger, you are what God made you on day one, a special, unique human being. So go out have a human day, don’t try to write the perfect blog, or be the perfect person, just celebrate your uniqueness, think of the good things in your life, thank God for new things taking place, bless your friend, fall in love, let go, lighten up and be silly. Quit the struggle, let God do the miracle. Take a walk, enjoy God’s fresh air and celebrate being You……..  You can’t be serious, not today! ….  (Paul).

Celebrating your Imperfections, Jagged Edges and all.

Imperfections are what make us human. and accepting them makes life, well let me say it like this, relaxed!

These last two days I have been building a rockery, more like a wall, a dry stone wall, one without cement. I had some stone, it looked jagged but attractive. Stone is expensive so I had to use what odd pieces I had, jagged edges and all, and build my wall. I must say, I love it too. It may not be perfect like my neighbours who built it according to the rules but its built by me and I’m glad I could do it without instructions, just pure creativity, in the raw!

The problem we have in life is that we always trying to do things like someone else, and according to the book, when God wants us to do thinks dare I say it, “your way!” Sometimes we need to do things for the fun of it, not because we got it right but because God wants to see the jagged edges.

Some paintings have got to have flaws
Some blog posts have to leave things unsaid
Some books have to raise questions
Some plans have to go wrong
Some stones need jagged edges
Some walls need rebuilding.

Even having conversations with friends you will say the wrong stuff, but if we all waited until we could speak perfect and say the right things, no body would ever talk! Being imperfect and accepting it empowers you to take the risk and that’s what makes a friendship real, flaws and all!

Imperfections happen because you’re human,  and you enjoy being real. You don’t try to be perfect all the time, that’s too stressful. That’s for folks who are under the manipulation and expectation of others. You however, love being you and that’s that’s what matters most, to everyone.

You may not write like a best seller, but you love your own style because that’s you! You may not paint according to all the rules but you have something unique that stands out and that’s you! You may not preach like TD Jakes but there again TD Jakes can’t preach like you. The real gifted don’t copy anyone, they don’t need to, because the have a uniqueness that cannot be copied, a distinction that’s  profound and a style that authentic and one of a kind. The real gifted are celebrated not because of their sameness but because of their ability to stand out and be different from the crowd.

Real people are comfortable with their own humanness and dont wait until perfection to do something different. Real folks are comfortable to be around and are easy to get on with and yes they can be trusted. Yes trusted to be real in a worLd that expects perfection. They have a go because they love to, and that’s whats makes them attractive.


NB. I may make an imperfect book out of this entitled, “Jagged Edges, Living From The Inside Out.” Maybe you have a story of how you too, had a go! let me know below, or send me an email. I may include it in the book.

Destiny and the Place of Completion

Destiny is an eternal thing, something that lives forever. Destiny has divine purpose attached to it, God’s amen! It gives man hope of unseen things, things which the eye has not seen you now begin to see, things which the ear has not heard, you begin to hear, God’s words in your ear, painting a picture of possibility. Destiny completes a man everything he is and everything he does finding completion.

And the Lord said to Abram get thee out of thy country…unto a land I will shew you And I will make of thee a great nation and I will bless thee, and make they name great; and thou shalt be a blessing. (Gen 12 1:2)

Like Abraham you have to find that place of completion.  Its not  a place you go at the end of life, like retirement, rather its the place where things are perpetually born in you and come forth from you. A birthing place and many of them. Its the place where  you are fulfilled on every level, creative in many dimensions and ministry at many places.  Its where you are free to be you. It’s where you are liberated spiritually, fit in socially, live purposefully and find your family. Completion! Its where whats been weak in you is no made great and that which was unborn comes on forth, all of the time!

Perpetual destiny!

Ask God to show you that place. You shall be a blessing!

How Can Believers Remit Sins?

Q. How Can believers remit Sins 

A. Whosoever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them; and whosoever sins ye retain, they are retained.  John 20:20-24

Jesus said that the believer could remit sins. Just how do we remit sins?

The answer is found in the ministry of those who went about preaching the gospel and actually remitted sin’s. Let’s start at the beginning with Jesus command to preach the gospel. “And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.” (Luke 24:46-48).

Did the apostle’s obey Jesus and where were sins remitted? At Jerusalem, the day salvation (God) came to the upper room sins were remitted. “Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost” (God). (Acts 2:37-39).

That day three thousand got saved, as we say. Sins were remitted through water baptism in Jesus name, the only way of saving souls in the New Testament church. Folks who were baptised into the name were considered to be “Christian.” When a Jew for example got baptised he was no longer considered by his natural family to be part of his family, he was viewed as one who was dead. His baptism indicated that he had become a member of the family of Jesus or “people of the way,” later called “Christians”

Just as circumcision made a Jew, a Jew, Baptism made a Jew or a Gentile, a Christian. Baptism is New Testament circumcision!

The word “Remit” or “remission” means “to send away.” This power had the apostles through the act of baptism. It is God alone who has all power to save and transform a life, the apostles had authority by Jesus to baptise into his name. “Jesus” forgives, we just baptise! We perform the baptismal duty to make disciples but it is God who makes them his! (Mark 16:15,16 and Matt 28:19).

This post is taken from

The "Now" of Baptism!

Behold here is water what doth hinder me to be baptised. (Acts8:36) Not only was the Ethiopian Eunuch desperate to be baptised, but Saul of Tarsus was also urged by Ananias to be baptized. “And now why tarriest thou? arise and be baptised and wash away thy sins, calling  on the name of the Lord” (Acts 22:16). The Jailor in Acts was baptized the same hour of the night… and immediately he and his family were baptized (Acts 16:33). John tried to prevent Jesus from being baptized him saying, “I need to be baptized of you…. but Jesus answered, ” permit it to be so NOW” (Matt 2:13).

What does hinder me?…. If we held baptism services with the same desperation as the apostles, we would have revolution…salvation too! Acts style… What’s stopping YOU!


Men with Manners.. What is a Gentleman?

What is a GENTLEMAN? …. A gentleman is one who can fold a newspaper in a crowded train (Leonora Cunningham)…

Remember when men used to take their hats off to ladies, open the door for them to enter the car, walk ahead of them to open the house door and then let them enter first? Have we lost our MANners?

A GENTLEMAN is one who can say “good morning” and “thank you”
A GENTLEMAN can give a lady their seat on the train. More so if she’s pregnant
A GENTLEMAN  can speak quietly and professionally on the mobile phone unlike many today who have to tell the world their sins shortcomings, fights and failures to everybody, out loud!
A GENTLEMAN does not talk on the phone while paying for something at the checkout.
A GENTLEMAN will switch off his phone while in conversation with another. It shows you are important and the conversation is valued
A GENTLEMAN doesn’t walk down the street chewing a 12″ fully loaded sub
A GENTLEMAN shake hands with those who he is introduced to and tells them how pleased he is to meet them
A GENTLEMAN is generous, with compliments. Giving things away don’t cost you anything!

Are folks too busy to show manners? if that was so then only those who can master life and take it by the horns can can show them.   Manner’s are not for polite men they are for real men. It takes guts to have manners and those with no guts don’t have any!

What is a gentleman to you? Please share below. Thankyou!